PiicoDev sensors wireless connection options

Hi Everyone,

Looking for options to connect PiicoDev sensors wirelessly to a base station (Pi). Specifically I will be using the PiicoDev BME280 sensor (finally in stock yay!)

The Raspberry Pi Zero W/H is the obvious and most cost effective option I think, but no stock. Using I2C extender has been suggested but quite costly with the RJ45 adapters, etc., and placement not as flexible as wireless connection.

What are the options? I had a look at some of the microcontrollers, not many had WiFi (if any), and confused about all the many variants they come in.

The ideal requirements are as follow:

  • wireless back to base comm - WiFi is preferred, Bluetooth LE is an option but not sure about the range and programmability
  • low power - battery powered would be ideal, but if it drains within hours or even days then it’s a mute point, micro USB power is probably the best option (will a USB charging type outlet suffice? probably not for the more power hungry boards)
  • enclosure - no need to be weather sealed, as it will be under the eave with pagola cover, but would need ventilation for the environment sensors to work, optional clear cover for light sensor

Any suggestions and/or advise would be much appreciated.

— Jono

This looks interesting, Bluetooth is universal so I’m assuming there is not issue interfacing this with the Pi?

Very small, very low power, integrated WiFi (P2P, AP), and I2C libraries available.


Neat little module indeed!

Thanks Jeff, added to the BOM.