Piicodev Transceivers with Interstate 75 (old version)

Hi All
the project is getting json from weewx on a pi to the interstate 75 and then displaying the relavant weather info on 64x32 (2mm pitch) HUB 75 LED panel, for my 80 year old father inlaw so,he can see it at a glance and not have to go to the computer to look at the web page all the time.

I have 2 interstate 75s and and a W version of the same board.
The orignal interstate 75s have no wireless and I have not been able to find a CCT diagram of it but, i have found one of the W version.

Both the boards have an RGB led taking up 3 pins , I was going desolder the Led and the resistors and use the UART port that the Led was connected to and use anESP 8266 -01 to Rx the data from weewx.

But this morning while at work , mopping the floor (my job as a commerical cleaner) I had a brain storm with using the piico dev 915mhz radios to move the data via the I2C connector on the interstate , which is only text and the 2040 would parse and display the info on the panel .
I2C will be fast enough to do this and the info only updates every 5 mins.

Does anyone think there will be some pit falls with this setup ?



It’s a bit tricky to follow along with the system topology, but if you need to move strings or numbers from one location to another, the PiicoDev Transceiver can help.
Take a look at the guide video and examples to see what the user experience is like for sending and receiving data.

If you can imagine how you’ll structure the data for sending, and how to unpack it for your needs when receiving then you’re good to go :+1: