Idea for PiicoDev: IR transmitter and receiver

I have just purchased a couple of the BroadLink RM4 mini Wifi/IR devices, but it would really love a simple I2C solution for my Raspberry Pi. I have my Pi responding to Apple Home Kit commands and it would awesome to include IR controlled devices like the television and amplifier. So a PiicoDev device which can capture and record IR codes and then retransmit them would be very cool. Especially if the IR transmitter has a good blast radius to hit things around the room.


I have a broadlink in my home automation setup too. I’d second a vote for a dedicated piicodev module.

I’ve been having fun with my piicodev modules and can’t wait to see which new modules will come next.


Hey @Tim99205 and @Steven - we’ve already brainstormed this idea and rest assured it’s on the To-Do list :wink:


Hi @Michael,
Thank you for responding! Awesome that you are thinking of such a project. I love the work you do with PiicoDev… I am currently trying to collect the set :wink: I look forward to the other innovations you come up with. I2C IR control is something I have never seen from others so far (e.g. Funspark)… Would be cool to be able to play in this space.
Thanks again for all you efforts and your engaging content.