PiJuice on Argon one V2 case

Hi all,

I have an RPi in an Argon V2 case, and I added a PiJuice using a GPIO extender.

The RPi does not want to start from the case or the PiJuice power button, it works fine outside the case.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Hey Mazen,
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The Argon V2 case has a power button built into it that is just bridging 2 pins (I believe pins 5 and 6) upon the button being pressed on the back of the case. If the Pijuice is working in the same way, it will not be bridging the pins upon a button press as the Argon button will stop the circuit from closing inside its carrier board.

It may be worth choosing between the two as to what’s more practical for your use case, or alternatively finding a different GPIO capable case for your Pi that doesn’t include the power button. The Argon NEO is a great one that still provides good passive cooling and protection for your Pi and has GPIO access with a sliding top cover.


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Thanks Blayden