Displays for Pibow Coupe 4


I have a Pi4 and Pibow Coupe 4 Ninja on the way and I was wondering if there are any displays that I could attach to my Pi4 in this case?

I understand you can mount the Pibow to the official 7 inch case but I was looking for a smaller screen just to send some status updates too and was looking for options ( if any ).

Many thanks.

Hey Marcos,

The 3.5inch Display Module Touch LCD works with the Pi 4 (we will be updating the product page to reflect this soon) you just need to install the LCD Show Library on the Pi.

After doing a quick check I can confirm that the screen also fits on the Pi with the Pibow Coupe 4!

Thanks Owen,

Would it would with the fan shim on as well?

Hey Marcos,

Do you have a link to the specific fan shim that you’d like to use?

Core Electronics | Support

Hi Bryce,

It’s this one


Hey Marcos,

I can test that for you if you’d like. But just to confirm you’re not going to be using the case as well, as that’s compatible with the display, but not the fan shim.

Core Electronics | Support

Your website says this fan shim is compatible with the case. That is why I purchased this case and fan shim together.

ok I might have solved the problem of the fan shim… it arrived today and I managed to lose 1 of the nylon screws.

Would you be able to tell me if

fits with that case on?

I just require a small screen I can display some basic info on when its not connected via HDMI.


Hey Marcos,

The Fan SHIM will definitely sit on there and the screen will sit on top of that while both inside the case.

Like all SHIM’s though, we do suggest soldering them to the board.