Pimoroni vs Argon fan acoustics

Hi, I’m interested in either these two fans - Pimoroni https://core-electronics.com.au/pimoroni-fan-shim-for-raspberry-pi.html or Argon https://core-electronics.com.au/argon-fan-hat.html as they can both be adjusted for CPU load/temp.

I’m aware that Noctua make a fan that is quite silent however out of the two above, which would be more silent under load?

Also, is there any reason you would choose one over the other or are there any other recommendations that are easy to install and setup?


if your using raspberryian on your pi board it depends on your future applications
i have the argon fan hat and the large flat black heat sink on my pi-4 i used a riser header
so to create more drop between the board and the sink…also it has the added value of still having the gpio pins accessible so you can stack on top of it…my rpi-4 at idle with just my browser open sits between 38-40 deg celcius approx doing a kenel build i have yet to do.so i cannot tell you what temp`s to expect under heavy loads

noise wise it is quite quiet in retrospect…you can program it very easy and the power switch comes in most handy…you can program it via command line or via gui…i picked this over the shim fan…

as for the shim fan i cannot comment i dont have one to compare…

Thanks a lot for the info @brian86770 . On reading more about the Argon fan, it looks like exactly what I need. I do have an existing heat sink but I will fit it first and then see whether I need a riser for the additional air flow.

Did you use the Argon bash script or your own custom program?

i use ubuntu …but for raspian you should use the script that is in the links… i had to do lots of modds to it and i have a thread running about it allready…anyway there script is made for raspian as i stated…so if you wish to make it run on a different opp sys…then you will need to modd a fair bit of code way behond what i did to make just the power button function and have the fan run at full speed…it is a targeted raspberry usage so made for Debian really…even though all Linux systems that i found or have used are derivative of Debian.if you use rasbian you should have no issues getting every function of the hat to work… the heat sink i used which was a tight fit …was a flat black one from core more like a slab with lumps in it…if that makes sense inch by inch and a half black and 5-6 mm high…it`s on the site here …

Given I am using Raspbian, it sounds much easier to just use the provided script. Yep, I think I know the heat sink you’re talking about. Will try the fit otherwise I’ll grab a riser if needed. I’m finding current temps sitting around 60-70 with little use. Hopefully this will bring it down at least 20+ deg