Argon POLY+ Raspberry Pi 4 Case (CE06588)

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Functional, minimal and fully accessible a great case for your Raspberry Pi!

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Does the Argon Poly case fit the PiJuice hat?

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small tip here for better quieter cooling using the argon fan hat and the flat inch rectangular heat sink the black one swap the argon fan for a 40X40x10mm noctura ultra quiet u may need a 40 pinn header riser depending weather you mount the fan under the argon board or on top… fan it will be quieter and better efficient cooling … the flat black sink sits parallel with some white gunk thermal grease it stays in place covering both the cpu and the ram chip …use the same argon software you can edit the config file your self and will run at 2 gig sweetly and quietly…will go 2200 for some rise in temp prolly around 45-55 degs depending on cpu load …


think it shoulld if you run it at stock cpu speeds and dont use the argon hat just put the fl;at pack heatsink on it u should get 1800 out of it …


Hi Andrew,

I’d definitely give the HighPi case a look:

It’s got some more room for this kind of thing, and while I can’t say without both in front of me, there’s a much better chance of it fitting than a standard size case.

Would you like me to test fit one?


agreed with you on that one james…nice choice for those extra addon boards…