Pololu RC Switch with Digital Output (POLOLU-2801)

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This RC switch converts hobby radio control pulses to digital on/off signals for use in RC switch and simple RC adapter applications. One output indicates the presence of a valid RC signal, and the other indicates whether the switch is active. The activation threshold and direction are configurable, and a safe-start feature reduces the likelihood of unexpected activation.

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Can the Pololu RC Switch with Digital Output be used as a momentary trigger for the Pololu 2808 LV mini pushbutton module?

Hi Shane,

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Those two parts would be a bit of an odd combination, what were you hoping to achieve by having the RC switch feed the pushbutton module? Can you tell us a bit more about your project?

By linking the output of the RC switch to the CTRL line of the pushbutton power module you could turn the module on and off, but that’s effectively what the RC switch is doing on it’s own, albeit with a lower sink and source current limit.
If you were looking to switch loads directly with the RC switch there are variants of it with MOSFETs or a relay built in that would be more appropriate.

I’m using the 2808 to convert a momentary switch to latching on a 5V circuit and would like the option to control it from a remote momentary switch as well. The 2808 is sensitive to trigger bounce and noise so I wondered if this RC switch would work or not.

Hey Shane,

A better product for that application may be this RC Switch with Small Low-Side MOSFET as it has an integrated RC switch module into the Mosfet board. It should work fine with the 5V circuit as long as you aren’t supplying more than 3A.