Pololu RC Switch with Relay (Assembled) (POLOLU-2804)

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This RC relay enables easy control of large, electrically isolated loads in radio control (RC) systems. The activation threshold and direction are configurable, and a safe-start feature reduces the likelihood of unexpected activation. This assembled version ships with the 5V relay, terminal block, and straight male header pins soldered in, so it can be integrated into hobby RC systems without the need for additional soldering. The included power relay is an Omron G5LE-14-DC5 and is rated for up to 10 A under most conditions.

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Hi - I am interested in an RC Switch for my Radio Controlled aircraft to switch on a Glow Plug Driver in mid flight. The idea is to provide power to the Glow Plug from an internal Battery when the Throttle is reduced to about half throttle and it will remain on while the Throttle is lower than about half way. I noticed you have a Pololu RC Switch with relay - Could you please tell if this board will do the job? I need to be able to adjust the trigger point to about half Throttle. If this board is suitable can you plse let me know how I adjust the Trigger point to operate at half Throttle please.

Thanks for your help.


Sounds like it’d do the job, but for an aircraft you’re probably better off with the MOSFET version: https://core-electronics.com.au/pololu-rc-switch-with-medium-low-side-mosfet.html

Allthe details on how it works and how to connect it are on the product page. What are you hooking it up to?

Hi Oliver

I have a rather large RC aircraft in which I want to connect a 1.5V rechargeable battery to the Glow Plug of the motor, after the Throttle is reduced to half power.
Normally the glow plug is illuminated constantly while the engine is running.
However, for some reason if a Glow Plug (Nitro) motor is to stop in mid flight it is usually when power is reduced for landing (below half power.

So my plan is to use one of your devices (if suitable) to switch the power going to the Glow Plug - about 2.5Amps.
After reading the MOSFET version it sounds like it or the Relay version may do the job (obviously the relay version is much larger).

My main concern is that these boards are suitable and can be set to trigger at any point as the Throttle is reduced.

On reading further it sounds like they will work - just not 100% happy how I do the adjustment yet - possibly further reading.

I have ordered 1 of each of these boards (Mosfet and Relay) to check them out.

I also have another couple of RC friends in the model aircraft club (WARMS) that, once I have proved the system works and is easy to set, may also be very interested.

Thanks for your help - much appreciated.

Robin Wilcockson

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Hey Robert,

That sounds like a good plan, I think the main thing Oliver was going for with the MOSFET variation is just a lower profile and weight. If the aircraft is more than capable of flying with it mounted (which it sounds like it is) then the relay board should be more than fine!

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