R/C switch for 14.8V LiPo

I am chasing a R/C switch that will be triggered by the signal from a standard hobby RC transmitter.
The switch would be powered by a battery pack of 7V fed from the Receiver signal input.
The input signal will be via an optocoupled switch to isolate the Rx from any switching noise.
I need to be able to isolate the LiPo batery from the motor’s speed controller ESC when it is not in use.

The RC switch needs to be normally open contact and be capable of swithing a 4S LiPo battery pack of 14.8V and approx 56A load. This cct will then be used to drive a 1250kV brushless 35-42A motor 600W @ 15V ~56AMP via an ESC speed controller.

Would be able to supply something suitable?

Are you trying to disable the throttle when the switch is operated so the motor won’t run, or do you really need to remove power from the ESC?

The mixer controls on your transmitter should be able to lock the throttle at 0 when the switch on the transmitter is operated, effectively disabling the motor.

If you really need to remove power from the ESC, have a look for a local model RC club or forum. They will have people who understand the protocol used by your receiver, what components to use to reduce interference and still keep the weight of components down.

No, its the lipo battety itself that will be isolated. The RC switch will be between the lipo and ESC.