Possible Corrupted ItsyBitsy Circuitpython lib directory

My new ItsyBitsy M0 Express has files in the LIB directory that are not standard file names.
Is this a corruption issue or just a strange way to name files.

> /lib/{            3,329KB
> /lib/7            0KB
> /lib/D            3,265KB

With modified dates of 25/01/1980

Should I delete these files?
Should I reformat the drive? Is This possible?

The root directory and all other directories have normal named files.

I found the issue when the sample program gave an error, missing library neopixel.

Hi Trevor,

I’ve had a look at a unit from stock, and it seems like yours may well be corrupted. Here’s what’s on ours:
New Bitmap Image

If you need the stock files again, here’s the download page for that.

If you suspect your board might be bricked, here’s the relevant page for reflashing it.

If you have no luck with either, it may just be a faulty board, in which case you can contact us and we’ll continue the investigation there.

Keen to see you back on track!

Thanks for looking at this.
I agree my unit is slightly corrupted. But it seams to work ok, some how…
I have been doing some simple test programs and they seem to work well.
Is it possible that just windows 10 has trouble reading the drive?

I will try and remove the strange directories but this may not be a full fix if it is corrupted.

I have already done a UF2 upgrade to Circuitpython 6 and this worked ok but the strange directories are still there and as I said everything seems to work ok.

I will try to delete the files.

Thanks for the help.


Hey Trevor,

There are a few reasons that the files may not have had the correct names initially, I’d suggest using the disk manager tool in Win10 and checking that the total size of the drive is correct and that the partitions on it are formatted correctly.

Let us know if you run into any more trouble with it, or if you notice any more strange behaviour with it.

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