Potentiometer toggle switch

Hi there
Im currently trying to get a potentiometer to turn on and off 4 led lights in a sequence
I want to be able to turn the potentiometer so it turns on one led at 2-5 volts then when I turn it back I want the led to turn off at below 2 volts
but when I turn the potentiometer back on a second time i want it to do the same but for the second led then the third and forth then start over
it sounds simple enough but i haven’t had any luck in doing so

i want to be able to drive 4 spark plug coils sequentially off one input from the ecu on my car and getting this circuit to work on a breadboard will be a good starting point


Hi Gavin,

You could definitely set that up, but personally, I’d say it would be much simpler to achieve that sequence using analogRead() and then writing a simple script on an Arduino such as that linked below to set this one up with any sequences that you’d like. If there’s anything else that we can do for you please let us know!

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Thanks I’ll have a look at it tonight

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