Using batteries to power a 12v LED strip light

i am creating a light box and need a suitable battery supply to power approx 500mm of 12v LED strip light.
I have limited depth (20mm) to house the batteries. Would 8 x AA batteries be suitable?

Hey Richard, the capacity of a AA battery is about 2400 mAh. Now depending on what LED strip you have, it will either draw 600mA (30 LEDs per meter), or 1200mA (60 LEDs per meter). Assuming that it’s the former (most common), that means that you will be able to run the LEDs for a maximum of 4 hours (4 x 600mA = 2400mA).

That might be acceptable, but you may end up chewing through a few batteries. The other alternative would be to look at a larger capacity battery in the form of a LiPo or other rechargeable battery. However you will need a special charger and regulation circuitry for it.

Thanks Sam,

I will be using a motion sensor to activate the light strip so that should be ok.

I have ordered the 8 x AA battery holder from yourselves. Do you have one without the on off switch?


Hi Richard,

Do any of these suit your needs?

Hi Graham,

I have ordered the 8 x AA with switch today. I’ll see how that goes.



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