Powering a 5V 2 channel relay board for solenoids

I am trying to control two solenoids with a 5V 10A 2-channel relay module from my Nvidia Jetson Nano. Can I power the relay board from a different power supply instead of using the Jetson Nano?
Does the Relay board need to use jumper cables for the solenoid inlet and outlet ports or can normal wiring be used?

Do you mean this one?

The 5v refers to the power needed for the circuitry that is part of the relay module. You can power that from the Arduino 5v, or from a separate 5v supply. If you provide the 5v from a separate power supply make sure that the Arduino power supply and that separate power supply have their grounds connected together at all times.

The power that you switch with the relay can come from any source at all, provided it is sufficient to drive whatever the relay is switching, up to 10A. This means you cannot use the 5v connector on the Arduino because it does not have the capacity to power a solenoid. You could use the same 5v supply that is powering the Arduino, but that is not recommended because the switching of the relay may create spikes that interfere with the operation of the Arduino. In any case, it is likely that the solenoid requires a higher voltage than the 5v used to power the Arduino.

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