5v single channel relay module 10a

Can you please advise the specification needed to drive the signal pin on the 5V Single Channel Relay Module 10A? I need to understand the requirements as I have a TI Launchpad board that I want to use to drive the relay but have just read that the output pin is only 30mA and unable to drive a relay. If you can provide the requirements for the signal pin then I can try investigate what circuit I will need to connect them. Thanks

Hi @Peter91174

That is correct, the GPIO pins will not provide sufficient current to drive the coil of a relay, but will provide enough to switch a transistor, BJFET, MOSFET etc that will provide the current necessary to drive the coil. Check out the learning centre for some tutorials on using relays with micro controllers and SBCs.

Relays can produce high voltages when switching, sufficient to seriously damage connected devices. You didn’t provide a link to your relay board, so I don’t know if it has inbuilt protection circuits or not.

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