Powering a Uno

Hi after some advice on powering on powering a Uno in my project. I have a 5V switch mode power supply with plenty of capacity to power 100+ neopixel but i have forgot about powering the Uno.

Can i just use barrel plug connector or do i need to use the USB port via a breakout or homemade plug

Thanks in advance Aaron

Hi Aaron,
You can power your arduino via the Barrel jack provided you’re supply 7-12V

i am only using a 5V power supply no 7-12V. looking at some other forums i have read that i can apply power direct to the 5V pin on the Uno

Yep, I thought you were referring to the barrel jack connector. You can supply 5V directly to the 5V pin, however, you bypass any and all protection circuitry and any issues with your power supply can destroy your board.

what about the USB plug, is there protection?
if so what is the best way to take my 5V supply in through the USB

Yep, you could of course do that