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Allow me mount and seal my Arduino UNO in a server box with an external USB connection and be able to power it from the servers power supply independently of the USB connection (if that is a workable approach)?

The UNO is going into a CNC build which has a 20A power supply with variable output 9V - 36V which is currently set to 25V with stepper motors and TB6600 drivers tested ok.

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Yes, the actual Arduino itself has two pins Vin and GND that you should be able to easily feed an input voltage between 7 - 12V you can also provide this input to the barrel jack. As for a box, a simple electronics enclosure should do the trick, you can cut holes and add mounts as needed. If there’s anything else that we can help you with please let us know!

This is an example of an enclosure that you could use.

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Thanks very much for the advice and fast response :slight_smile:

You could also checkout the UNO enclosures. These are designed to house a UNO with appropriate holes cut out. They have worked nicely on my projects.


Thanks for the additional suggestion Jim.
I have gone for the red case as it is fully sealed and I can mount it on a panel easily, upon which I can also mount an emergency stop button and any other external switches I might need for my CNC build.

Andrew Gartlan.

Hey Andrew,

Sounds like a plan! Make sure to let us know how you go with it!

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