Powering USB-B and Recording Signal over 20 metres


I have a DAQ (OMB-DAQ-2408-2AO) which uses a USB-B to USB-A cable for power and signal delivery from and to the laptop. For my previous projects the, included, 1.5 metre long cable was sufficient. However, I need the DAQ to be 25 metres away from the pc/laptop.

How do I power and obtain signal from the DAQ over this distance?

I was thinking maybe using an adapter which converts the USB-B to RJ45 (over the 25 metres) then RJ45 back to USB-A which goes to the laptop?


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Hi Zn,

25 metres is most definitely above the recommended 5m for a passive cable, you’d likely have to look towards a cable with an amplifier included, and while we don’t have any long enough, they aren’t too hard to find:


I’d also be prepared for the device to possibly not communicate flawlessly in this situation. Does it require USB3? or is 2.0 ok?

Is there any oppurtunity for a smaller SBC like a Raspberry Pi to be communicating the readings of the device over something more robust like ethernet?

Keen to see you back on track!


Thanks for your reply.

USB 2.0 is Ok.

So this doesn’t solve the problem because it’s not necessarily the type of wire that causes the signal loss, its the type of connection?

Hi Zn
Have a look at RS485. I think there are RS485 to USB converters out there. Not sure about power maybe in the cable??. RS485 is supposed to be good for 1200M. It is a balanced line system.
Cheers Bob