Using an APC220 to create a USB Extender

I have an application whereby our off-grid stand alone solar power system (3kW panels, 8kW battery storage) has a USB output that you can monitor the inverter with, however it’s in a part of our shed that isn’t easily accessible. I’d like to create a USB extender essentially so I can view the inverter data and overall summary display that has our battery level, status of our generator etc remotely. Any suggestions please?

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Hi Milamber,

Welcome to Core Electronics! This software method (FlexiHub) extends USB over WiFi and looks promising

It does require a computer on either side, although there are plenty of cheap options to go about that (and low power options).

There’s also the hardware option of using USB extenders. Either way, the USB cables will generally max out at 5M on its own.

I’d be interested to hear how you go with it!

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