Project by Aidan; The Hipster Coaster

Aidan just shared a new project: "The Hipster Coaster"

We wanted to make a interactive display of the fun that can be had with DIY projects to take with us to Sydney Mini Maker Faire. The goal was to do so by utilising the TinkerKit Braccio from alongside some 3d Printing ingenuity for an engaging display for all ages.
Enter the Hipster Coaster in all its glory.
All the parts were printed seperately on our family of Lulzbot 3D Printers and stuck together using a mixture of design, glue and dowel supports! Once a person had placed a ball in the entry point, the Braccio’s would take turns in picking up the ball, placing it on the roller coasters spiral (the start point), waiting until the ball finished its journey through the track, then looping the ball back through the track once before returning it to the human collection point. Check out below to see how we went about it!

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This was hands down a favorite @ Sydney Mini Maker Faire 2016! Nice build!