Project by K3v1n; Portable Arcade Emulator

I have just shared a new project: “Portable Arcade Emulator”

IntroductionI am a Mechanical Engineer, and after 30 years in industry I now teach Engineering at High School. I create various projects in my spare time and bring them to school to inspire my students to try new things and not be afraid to experime…

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I missed this project when it first went live on the site but I’m stoked I went back to give it a proper read-through. Such a great example of iterative improvement with a project!

I can think of countless times I’ve realised partway through a build that if I was to start again I’d do it differently.
I always prefer a project that is good enough and usable, rather than perfect in design and never finished to a functional state.


Very nice project, such a professional finish!

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