Project by Aidan; Time lapsing in OctoPrint (Properly!)

Aidan just shared a new project: "Time lapsing in OctoPrint (Properly!)"

Now that we have decked out our Lulzbot Taz 6 3D Printer with a really nice looking acrylic enclosure, I’m just about ready to turn on some serious 3D printing work. But before I dive into that endless pool of fun, it’s a good time to take 5 minutes and set up our Taz 6 and it’s OctoPrint Server with a bed-mounted camera and light system. That way I can monitor my prints from the other side of the warehouse using OctoPrint, and more importantly, I can record some primo looking time-lapses of my 3D prints.
The Goal: Fit the Taz 6 with a camera and decent lighting for recording sweet timelapse videos.

Now we could just mount the Pi Camera Board and be done with it, however there would be a severe lack/change in lighting over the course of the day/night that would throw the quality of the time lapse out pretty bad, not to mention that the existing lighting is less than ideal for capturing prints over a long period of time (due to printer location and general lighting problems). If you wanted to do something similar, you might want to check out the Remote 3D Printing with OctoPi & Installing your Taz 6 Enclosure tutorials before you start. 
Finally, I’d love to be able to control my LED strip using the OctoPrint server and the GPIO pins on my Host RPi. It seems like a waste to not be utilising the power of the GPIO at all. 

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This is a great little project and it inspired my team to do it with our Taz 6! Would you happen to have and are willing to share your modifed STL files for the camera mount and LED light “mount” that you used? Thanks!

Hi @Jason51838,

Will do - @Aidan is back on Monday and we’ll upload that file to our Thingyverse account (check back COB Monday). Use ABS for this part as it’s around hot things (PLA will succumb to the heat).

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Nice work!

Have you tried this “camera mount / printed solid enclosure” solution with any other taz tool heads?

Hi John,

The enclosure will work fine with all tool heads, unsure if the camera mount would have clearance, although we did bake-in lots of elbow room.

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hi there, where can i find the STL file for your LED mount? Thanks for an awesome video and write up! Exactly what I was looking for.

I tried to slice your TAZ 6 CAMERA BED MOUNT in cura but it said that it is to large for the TAZ 6 print bed, what am i doing wrong?