Project by Brendan7266; Electronica Botanica

Brendan7266 just shared a new project: "Electronica Botanica"

This piece combines recycled electronics extracted from decommissioned computers and new electronic components. I had an idea I wanted to incorporate a lighting element into a contemporary sculpture so it was just a matter of coming up with a theme to bring it all together.

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Such an awesome project Brendan! I love the edge colour on the flowers from the diffusion, definitely a great example of recycling/creating.

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It’s really great to see somebody using Processing on a Raspi. I’m a fan of code-art in general and play mostly with p5.js, a web-based implementation with the same goals and similar functionality as Processing.
What’s more, I had no idea that Processing integrated so seamlessly with hardware!

A really cool project, thanks for sharing! Looking forward to seeing more from you @Brendan7266 :smiley:


Thanks for the encouragement fellas!

FYI… I have updated this post slightly but the changes have not yet come through.

The problem I noted at the end with Processing was fixed (so removed this from the post). I had overlooked a variable being instantiated in the Draw() method which was causing the Pi to run out of memory. Fixed this and now it runs flawlessly.

Also, I had mistakenly mentioned Python in the part where I’m testing the matrices and fadecandy. This should be Processing…

I’ll also add a video showing it in action at some point.


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Sounds good Brendan. Those LED strips certainly get bright.