Project by Brendan7266; Wefted Waveforms

Brendan7266 just shared a new project: "Wefted Waveforms"

This project aims to fuse neopixel strips with papier mache and origami into a free-standing electro-sculpture.
The freestanding structure is formed from wire mesh and papier mache. It is then painted and wired up with strips of LEDs connected to an RPi3+Teensy+OctoWS2811 Adapter + Power Supply. The entire LED covered surface is then covered in a diffuser created from modular origami elements glued together. Finally, some VJ software (Glediator) is used to create realtime animated patterned displays.

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Yep, that’s another brilliant project @Brendan7266. Nicely done!

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An outstanding project, @Brendan7266!
Are you documenting a back-catalog of projects or do you have some superhuman ability to get things done!?

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Thank you Michael.

This along with the previous piece was completed over the last couple of
months as a small part of my considerably larger folio submission for the
semester. The Lightbox was from last semester. I have one more
electronic-based project from this semester (A lightstick (for light
painting) created with a 144 Dotstar strip, a raspberry pi zero w and other
bits and bobs)… and yes I am prolific.