Project by John38478; Smart Home Makeover with HomeAssistant

I have just shared a new project: “Smart Home Makeover with HomeAssistant”

I wanted to bring ageing, and failing, Home Automation infrastructure into the modern age whilst retaining hardware investments already made.
Our house had Universal Power Bus (UPB) dimmers and switches installed at build time (2009). &…

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Hi John,

Awesome project! I love that you documented the wiring in a spreadsheet for whoever needs to work on this, I’ve failed to do that with my home datalogging projects in the past, and been very confused when it came time to upgrade.

I hope your system works smoothly for years to come :slight_smile:

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This is wild! I’m so impressed you got SMS working with low level hardware and code.
Your API is so clean too!

  - service: notify.clicksend
      message: "Alarm Has been triggered! "
      title: House Alarm triggered
  - service: input_boolean.turn_on
    data: {}
      entity_id: input_boolean.alarm_has_been_triggered

So easy!

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Looks like a very big project. How long did it take?

James - why do you think I wrote it down this time? I was cursing ‘what idiot left no notes when it was done’ oops - that was me :frowning: So live and learn as they say.

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Rooppoor212784, thats a good question and hard to answer seeing home automation seems to lend its self to continuous tinkering.
I ordered the Hardware mid Nov 2022 so the outline plan must have been in place then - call it the start of Nov.
It was also a staged implementation where different bits could be implemented as we went along
by 23/12/2022 the automation had been removed from the old platform. Call it two months in.
Then another month and a half just on getting the settings correct for piggy-backing / hijacking the PIR inputs.
So lets call it 4 months all up. But as I said - I could have stopped at a lot of places along the way and still achieved the main aim.
Regards JC

Pxmusix, thanks and FYI the syntax is still pretty straight forward in python direct. This does use a supplier ‘smsbroadcast’ where I had some credit left.

import requests
G_sms_URL  = ''
G_sms_params = {
    'username'   : 'uuuuu'
  , 'password'   : 'ppppppppppp'
  , 'from'       : 'Home'
  , 'to'         : '04nnnnnnnn,04nnnnnnnnnnn'
  , 'message'    : 'xxxxxxx'
# assuming you want to change the message for every call
G_sms_params['message'] = 'Foo was here'
r = requests.get(G_sms_URL,params=G_sms_params)
print(str(r.text))  # usually 'Your message was sent'

Regards JC