Project by Nigel; Auto Tracking Camera System

I’ve just shared a new project: "Auto Tracking Camera System"

The purpose of this project is to design a system that will automatically track stars or satellites. The first version, described here, is specifically to track stars and operate a Raspberry Pi HQ camera to take a series of long-exposure images that can be stacked to enhance the image.

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Very nice project Nigel! Thanks for sharing! I’d be very much interested in seeing a timelapse of a series of photos this takes from night to night.

Also, June 14th for the next supermoon should help with experimenting for the best exposure on your camera in those lighting conditions.

@Tim - I’m tagging you in this as this seems quite similar to other projects you’ve been working on recently


Absolutely phenomenal project and a great write up too! Demonstrating what the Pi Camera can do whilst capturing two meteors on the first run is amazing :slight_smile:

I remember being awe-struck by the capabilities of Stellarium at university when I was first introduced to it. Would accelerate through time to watch digital eclipses. Knowing that you can incorporate it into the Raspberry Pi ecosystem has me psyched! You’ve inspired me to take my DSLR pan-tilt system to the next level and point it towards the stars.


Jeez, you blokes have too much spare time!! :grin:


thanks for the awesome information.