Project by Fiona67751; Handheld Retropie

Fiona67751 just shared a new project: "Handheld Retropie"

Once you go down the retro gaming rabbit hole, that’s it, you’re not getting out without putting together your own gaming console. It all began with my hacked PSP, which I was running emulators on. Then I wanted to run them on my big screen. Unfortunately I have the first gen PSP that was sold in Australia, which means no chance of AV out. Then I discovered the Raspberry Pi 3B+, and everything went onto the big screen in a giffy. Then, of course, I wanted everything I had on the big screen back on the small screen, and that’s how I ended up putting together the Game Hat from WaveShare.

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Great rundown on building the game hat, and some great advice on avoiding pitfalls of a build like this.