Project by Mark169858; Autozem

I have just shared a new project: “Autozem”

I had recently taken up the hobby, RC planes. Eventually I learnt how to solder and wire basic circuits etc, so I decided to build a desktop and the hunt for a case was on. Something unique with plenty of room and great cosmetics. The Inwin 915 stood out.

After building the computer, something didn’t feel right. The panels would swing freely on hinges, it was like a big chunk of metal flapping in the air. So how would it be, if they opened when things started to get hot inside ? and close when things cool down, automatically! NOW THAT’S COOL!

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What a great project, love it !!!

Thank you James46717, I’m very pleased you enjoyed my project. It took me a while to learn the programming but the end result was exactly what I wanted.