Project by Simon38842; Hydra Bluetooth Speaker

Simon38842 just shared a new project: “Hydra Bluetooth Speaker"

Wow - this is one monstrous sounding and great looking speaker - even if I do say so myself!
This is basically a 2.1 (stereo + subwoofer) system made with 3D plastic parts. Both the full range and subwoofer speakers are based on closed (sealed) cabinet design principles. There are 6 full range speakers (2/channel) and the subwoofer also employs a passive radiator to enhance its low-frequency response.
If you are wondering why I named this speaker 'Hydra” it’s the Greek mythological creature which was a many-headed serpent. Alternatively, if you remember your biology then perhaps its the simple freshwater animal belonging to the phylum Cnidaria (ok, I looked up that last part on Wikipedia)!
Hopefully, I’ve given you a good set of instructions to make your own - let me know if you need some more details…other than that…Enjoy!

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Hey Simon,

This is amazing, probably the coolest Bluetooth speaker I have ever seen! And amazing detail in the tutorial.