Project by Simon38842; Meet 'Holman' the Ultimate Bluetooth Speaker

Simon38842 just shared a new project: "Meet ‘Holman’ the Ultimate Bluetooth Speaker"

Who says you can’t have it all? Good looks and a great sound!

My name is 'Holman" and I’m a Bluetooth speaker in the form of mans best friend - a dog of course! Why is my name Holman? Well, that’s the name of the manufacturer of the PVC pipe I used and the name grew on me as I completed the project!

Whilst this might look like a complex project if you have access to the metric PVC pipe and a 3D printer I’m actually quite easy to make. If you don’t have access to the metric PVC pipe then I suggest you print your own (see the separate step for the models).

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That’s such an awesome project Simon, I’ll definitely be building something similar when time allows.

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This is a truly sensational project! I’m so impressed by the quality of the models you’ve designed/printed. Thanks for sharing Simon.

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Such a project and great build documentation :smiley:
Love the collar detailing!