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I have a flat screen television that is about 7 years old that I purchased before Smart TVs were commonly available.
What I wanted to achieve with My Pi project was to turn my slightly old TV into a media centre. I wanted to play music through my TV as well as play saved movies and stream internet content.
It was important for me to be able to stream ABC iView and SBS On Demand as they provide a free service and have a lot of good content.

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This is out of date the abc Ivew package never updates and won’t connect

Hi Scott,

This was just done in January, I’d double check the process that you are following to install the ABC Iview package :slight_smile:

Hi Scott,

You’re correct. I booted up my Media Centre Pi and the ABC iview is no longer working!

I just looked into some other ways to get it working and came across However their website says that their add ons have been removed because they had been “contacted by content providers about copyright violations.”

I’m not sure how else to get ABC iview working. You could check the system requirements on their website to see if any of their recommended web browsers are now available on Raspian.

Let me know if you come up with something



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