SBS on demand and ABC iview on Kodi

Hi there,

I recently decided to use my RPi4 as a media hub. I got everything up and running okay by installing LibreELEC with Kodi on a new micro SD card.

I have some television working… 7Plus, 9Now and 10Play.

I can’t seem to find a repository anywhere online which will allow me to run SBS on demand or ABC iview.
Can anybody please point me in the right direction for the repositories that will actually work?

Aussie Add-ons doesn’t exist anymore.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Are you sure Aussie Add-ons is dead? The website is still up, and the most recent commit on the github is August 19th this year:

I know they have a news post from 2018 saying it’s down, but the activity on the github indicates it’s not the case. There’s some instructions here on how to install their iView plugin:

And looks like this is the correct link to the

Which appears to also be available on the github here: repo/ at master · aussieaddons/repo · GitHub


Hi Oliver,

About an hour after I posed my question, I managed to solve my problem.
Yes, the website for Aussie add-ons is still active.

I was trying to reference the URL directly via Kodi, and it couldn’t find the ZIP file. What I wound up doing was clicking on the link via their website on my PC and downloading the ZIP.
I then copied it to a thumb drive and plugged the thumb drive into the RPi. I was able to copy the ZIP that way and it worked!

Thanks for your help, the problem is now solved!


Awesome, thanks for letting me know :smiley: