OMV with Plex on Rpi4

I wonder if i may ask for a bit of guidance.
I currently have OMVault installed on an x64 laptop.
This serves local pc’s their files and it also has Plex server installed.
I watch the media on a 4K tv with the plex app
I do not stream external to the local network or to anything other than the TV

My questions are:
Is the RPi4 up to the job of media serving?
Is there anything else i should consider?
How does one compare the cpu of rpi to a std a PC CPU, for example the passmark website?

How long is a piece of string ?
Depends on the encoding, the media will need transcoding unless the TV supports the format the media is encoded in.
Pi4 does not support hardware decoding so isn’t up to some files but others work just fine. You won’t know until you try with your media.

Hi Anthony,

In principle, yes it should be fine. The only time it might be slow is if it needs to try and transcode on the fly but as a straight server it’s more than up to the task. Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.0 means it’s well and truly fast enough.

Here’s a good tutorial:

Support | Core Electronics

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Thank you i will look into that

I have a Sony Play TV tuner attached to my Pi 4 and Plex detected it just fine. I was able to find all the stations however Plex does not support over the air EPG only file based.
If you do want to setup a TV tuner you can get an epg xml file from and point Plex to that. It does need to be updated however so I use Node Red to grab it every 24 hours.
I rarely watch free to air as it is well junk but is nice to have there for those rare occasions.

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Hi Chris,

Nice to hear you’ve got it working. Just FYI, another good option for TV on a Pi is the Raspberry Pi TV Hat:

Support | Core Electronics