Providing power to my Raspberry Pi Zero outdoors

Hey folks,

I am doing a project with the Pi Zero and an auto IR-CUT camera running Motion Eye OS (Eventually I will run a separate Pi that takes the feed to run Single Shot Multibox Detecton).

Things are going well, but I am not as handy when it comes to hardware. I have a small enclosure I got from Jaycar which is weatherproof, and I am trying to figure out the best way to supply power to my Pi outdoors.

I had thought about using something like this:

Which will run through the enclosure and hook up power via GPIO pins, not sure if this is a good approach? Or does anyone have a more elegant solution?


Applying power directly to the GPIO pins bypasses the regulation circuit on the Pi that would normally come from the Micro USB port, so you’d need to ensure you have a clean 5V power. If you could power the Pi off a USB cable, or have a regulator inside the enclosure, it might be better.

Thanks Josh, never knew about the regulator, I think I will connect up via the USB port in this case, I still have some space in the enclosure. Thanks for the tip!

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