Raspberry pi zero w battery options

Hi there i would like to power an rpi zero w from 4 AA 1.5v batteries already being used in the project. Would a regulator like the POLOLU-2119 be the best way to do this? In the description I notice it says that during normal operation it can be ‘ hot enough to burn you ‘ . . as it needs to be in a confined small project box just wondering if that is likely to be problematic? does it require cooling from heatsinks / fans ? thanks

Hi Dylan,

That regulator would be a perfect option for that. I wouldn’t be concerned about colling the regulator. The operating temperature will varying depending on the input voltage and the current draw, but providing you operate it within the specs, it shouldn’t be a problem.

That said, if you’re boxing everything up with your Pi Zero, it might be worth adding a fan to the enclosure to keep everything nice and cool.

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