PS/2 Keyboard+Mouse to USB adapter (ADA971)

This is a placeholder topic for “PS/2 Keyboard+Mouse to USB adapter” comments.

This is a nice solution to wanting to use PS/2 devices (such as Adafruit’s capacitive touch pad or magstripe readers). It’s also handy if you want to connect a keyboard…

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I use a mouse to measure movement in a control line. I need two more. Implementation with PS2 is relatively straight forward. But PS2 is hard to come by. I’ve tried implementing a software USB host on ESP32 so that I can use a USB mouse - but without luck (so far). 3 separate arduino USB host shields on dedicated arduinos would not be a good solution. Any suggestions for USB:ps2 translators (you have the reverse) or ps2 mice?


Hi Trevor,

Unfortunately, ADA971 is the only PS/2 adapter we still are able to get stock of. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen an adaptor that’s designed to operate in the reverse direction, it would certainly be a legacy product if it is still made.


Hi all.
I have 3 adaptors I think came with various computers over the years.
They are PS2 male (as your adaptor) but with USB female (reverse to your adaptor).
Not dual but single PS2M to USBF.
One of them has a number if it is of any use. 501215-0004
Actually still available. Just google that number and you will find 5760 hits. Quite a lot on Ebay.
If this one is available there is a possibility that other configurations are out there too.
Cheers Bob


Thanks Robert.
I found that MSY have some old ps2 mice - $3ea won’t break the bank! However, having looked through my implementation for reading them and done a few experiments, I find that, if the polling frequency is high enough for the speed I need to measure (about 300mm/s with polling at 200Hz), the mouse comms take up half the processing time (Arduino Uno). In order to read 3 of them, which I need, the polling period would need to be a bit longer. That would probably be OK. But the MCU needs to do a lot more than just measure the line lengths. I guess I’ll need a dedicated MCU for this measurement with it passing data to the main controller.
USB looks too hard for me…

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