PSU low voltage detected - RPi4

I got the warning message “PSU low voltage detected” after I setup RPi4(I am using an official power supply). How can I fix the issue? Thank you very much for your help

Hi Gheorghe,

There are a few things that could be causing this issue.
A couple of things you might like to check:

  • Are there any extra devices connected to the Pi,
  • Is the OS you are running updated,
  • Are you running any inline switches with the power supply
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Thank you Aaron for your explanations.

  • There are no extra devices connected to Pi
  • The OS is updated, but I got a message about 1 file couldn’t be updated
  • yes, I have an inline switch with power supply.

But today I haven’t got the message again

Thanks for getting back to me with that info.

I’d recommend trying without the inline switch to see if the problem persists.
They can sometimes cause voltage drops which triggers the Pi’s Low Voltage Warning.

Yes, Aaron, the issue returned when I used the inline switch (next day).
Since I have not used it, the warning message totally disappeared.

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Glad to hear that was the problem :slight_smile: