Push button audio activation

For my christmas light display this year, id like to try and create a big red button setup that will turn on audio for those who are not driving and tuning into the FM station to listen to the music synced with the light show.

My electronic knowledge is very limited so im hoping someone may be able to assist with what items I’ll need and a diagram on the setup.

I’m assuming I’ll need the following but not sure exactly how to setup.

Timer relay
Fm receiver
Audio amplifier
Outdoor speakers (marine)
Big red button with LED

I have a few spare meanwell 12v psu so i can wire it all up to that then run the power cable back up to the garage.

Any advice or assistance will be greatly appreciated.



Hi Dave,

Sorry, I missed your post earlier, am I understanding correctly that your house is already broadcasting on an FM channel for cars to tune into and you were just looking to expand that system for pedestrians?

We’ve got some FM tuner boards that should work well with any microcontroller and come with some Arduino example code. Sparkfun have put together a short spiel on how it works you can view here.

If you were to run the FM tuner with an Arduino board it’s fairly easy to interface that with your previously mentioned Big red button with LED.

We’ve got this amplifier that works well with these speakers, but we don’t currently stock any speakers rated for outdoor use, so you may need to shop around for those.