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Aged pensioner, no electronics knowledge, Sutherland Shire,having trouble getting bits and pieces to work to complete project per youtube “I like to make stuff” as per link Trying to get WAV sounds to play but nothing triggers. Maybe the 3.5 audio plug ex the Board that splits into a RED, WHITE and YELLOW RCA plug doesn’t like the AMP viz “500W 12V Mini 2CH HiFi Stereo Audio Power Amplifier Car MP3 Speaker + USB HOT” purchased ex EBAY. Im lost anyone available$ to help in say a week or so PLEASE? I have loaded sound files to the Adafruit Audio FX Sound Board - WAV/OGG Trigger with 16MB Flash as T01.wav, T03.wav, T05.wav,T07.wav and T09.wav I have connected a momentary switch via a wire from each of 5 such switches to each of board #’s 01,03,05,07 and 09. I have then taken a separate wire from each of the switches to the GRND at the end of the board on the same edge as board #’s above, BUT alas no sound when I depress either of the momentary switches?

I have written a reply in the original post you made to me.

Hey James and Robert,

I’ve attached a link to the mentioned forum for convenience. If further replies could be made there that’d be much appreciated. Thank you

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