Push button light

Hi Guys,

\I’m fairly new to this and am just after some help\suggestions. I’d like to make a push button switch\actuator switch where once it is pushed in for 2 seconds (or a certain amount of time) a light comes on and once released the light goes off. it sounds fairly simple I’m just not sure what the best way to go about it is I’m open to any suggestion or help please.



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Hi @Daniel209871 - I’m not sure there’s an objectively best way to do this. There’s loads of ways you could do this project. I’d propose the best way for you is the one that: you’ll enjoy the most, and; will broaden your skills in the area that lights you up most. Two ideas:

  • Analogue-only approach. A 555 timer getting co-opted to create a delay. (uses the comparator in the 555 timer). Here’s a tutorial that’s similar but not quite what you’re describing. It could perhaps be modified to suit.
    Pros: mad cred among diehard analogue fanboys. Learn how a 555 works in depth.
    Cons: to change the characteristics you have to tune components / modify the circuit.
  • Modern digital maker approach: Code it! Get literally any dev board, like a Raspberry Pi Pico and code your project.
    Pros: Easily change timing by modifying code. Exact timing available. Perhaps the easiest.
    Cons: Slightly more expensive, but still real affordable. A pico is < $10