Pycom accessories

I wanted some help with a choice of battery, solar charger, aerial and protective cases as well for my Pycom Lopy. Plus a bread board to complete tutorials.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for posting.

For batteries any LiPo should do the job you want, most of our chargers and the Pycom board itself are designed to work with the 3.7V output. The capacity (mAh) will control how long your device can go but otherwise they are identical as far as the pycom is concerned.

solar charger
I like the sunflower it will work with 6V panels and has a bigger sibling that can do up to 30V we have a few other option and panels in the solar power category.
Antenna Kit
Cant go past the Pycom Antenna kit
There is an IP67 case that would work well or you could 3d print something from thingiverse.

You will be able to get breadboards and hookup wire in our prototyping category.

Thanks, now I can order.


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