Pymesh compatible LoRa end-node, accomodating battery, antenna, GPIO

I am seeking supply of low power Pycom Pymesh compatible LoRa end-node hardware for a new to market product, incorporating onboard battery, antenna and GPIOs. Any advice would be much appreciated.
Regards, Theo.


Hi Theo,

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It sounds like you’ve described the LoPy4 + some accessories.

There are a ton of guides around on how you could make up your own systems :smiley:


Thank you for your reply. I use the Lopy for middle-tier ware as these boards are ideal for relatively smaller volume orders at a premium (higher) price, which we can manage the accessories and add-ons.
The end-node device must be all incorporating as we have higher volume orders intended for this product part. We want to avoid too much assembly with our end-node in this case. Also seeking price range about half that of Lopy. Heltec might be an option?

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Hi Theo,

I haven’t come across any Heltec boards myself, the appeal for the LoPy being that it’s easy to develop on.
It sounds like this is getting into the realm of design to manufacture so it would be worth checking out some tips on doing so, Dave from EEV Blog has some great videos!