Pycom - expansion board3 and WiPy3

Greetings all.
First time here and I hope someone can assist. I am starting to dabble with IOT and wireless sensors stuff and for starters, have been trying to get the Pycom - Expansion board 3 and Wipy 3 running. However, I have run into roadblocks.

  1. I have been unable to install Pymakr under atom. I did read that this setup environment is kind of been phased out… After many failed attempts I moved to PyBytes which I believe is the preferred platform.

  2. I followed the procedure under PyBytes and still could not get the device connected. The two components were recognised and I proceeded with the setup procedure. I did deploy the Wi-Fi stuff to the board but did notice that the word password was misspelt. It that a big deal? Once I completed the last step, the device did not connect so I don’t understand what I did wrong. Has anyone else run in this problem?


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Hi Kosta,

Welcome to the forum!!

Just before we jump into things, which version of the expansion board did you have?
And what error were you having when installing Pymakr?

I think PyBytes is oriented towards industry/people that are getting into the Maker scene.

I’ve got a WiPy and expansion board 3.0 sitting in front of me know, trying to get it setup!

I’ll update this topic with my findings :smiley:

I havent had any luck yet but another user on the forum @Liam120347
Suggested a couple of fixes a while back on the topic: Which LoRa module for sending temperature data 1km "peer to peer"? - #5 by Liam120347

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