QT Py S3 vs QT Py C3

I am comparing the above two units (QT Py S3 and QT Py C3), and currently am stuck for which I should get. I know that the S3 version does not exist at the moment, (and I am curious if anyone knows if Adafruit will ever bring this board back).

Okay, adding to this, I will explain the use case for this.

My program connects to a hotspot (another ESP32) and then connects to a websocket that the hotspot has created. It will receive and send data to control the next thing.

There will be 4-8 separate strip lights, (separated via code, and different pins) and there will be approximately 40 LEDs per strip. There are animations in this code, however, the way I have set it up, is that the code is not blocking, and runs once every loop, and after the websocket checks once as well. If you would like the code, feel free to ask, and I can send it after.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, I have the code running on the Raspberry Pi Pico W and it works flawlessly, however, I am not a fan of the size of the board, and it also does not support FastLED in certain ways, meaning that it cannot be used in this project sadly.

EDIT 2: I have just learned of the QT Py ESP32-Pico would this be an alternative to the S3?

Thank you all for any help!

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Hi Maddie,

For WiFi projects I’d definitely go for the S3 (which might let you do multi threading on WiFi).

While the S3 isn’t stocked at the moment the Xiao is: Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32S3 | SS113991114 | Core Electronics Australia

(I recall talking to the guys at Core, I think Adafruit are stocking them but not for resale, there are other options though!)

The QTpy Pico looks great but uses the old base ESP32 module, if this project is a once off thing it would be a great option.

I would love the use the XIAO 32S3, however, it requires an external antenna, and I don’t overly have the room to mount one of those.

and with the QT Py S3, is what your saying mean that it will come in stock, just only on adafruits website? because I have been watching their store for a bit and have not seen it come in sadly.

Hey Maddie,

The QT Py ESP-32 Pico may be the best option there if you are looking to minimise space. Though if you can splurge for space on the antenna, the Xiao ESP32S3 is a great little board!