Question about strawberry pi

Hey guys, first post here sorry if its on the wrong place.
I heard of strawberry pi watching a super Nintendo classic review and got really stocked about it.
I would like to know if there is anyway to purchase one that will also allow me to play Nintendo 64 games and also classics as mega drive and super Nintendo.
And would it be hard/tricky to assemble that? Because I can emulate on my PC but have just a slight idea on how this strawberry pi system works.

Firstly, I think you mean Raspberry Pi, not strawberry pi.

And yes, the Raspberry Pi supports many game system emulations. Try typing “raspberry pi Retro gaming” into the search bar of your favourite search engine.

Core also have a number of packages to do this.

Have a browse to get some ideas, and work out which way you want to go :grinning:

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And there are a lot of resources around the www if you need to explore setup, saving games, pairing controllers and making your own arcade cabinets. It’s a very popular project to explore.

Just Google “retropie” along with what you want to do, and there ought to be pages of guides to explore.