Project by Dale32589; Mini NES Style Console With Raspberry Pi

Dale32589 just shared a new project: "Mini NES Style Console With Raspberry Pi"

My son really wanted one of the mini NES when they were released, however he missed out.
I already knew that you could use a raspberry pi as an arcade emulator, so I thought why not build him one.

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Sensational project Dale! Thanks for sharing.

The only way this gets better for me is with wireless 8Bitdo controllers. Although by doing so it would certainly take away from the gloriousness your DIY extended USB ports!

Thanks Graham.
I do like the look of the wireless 8Bitdo controllers however Recalbox does not yet support bluetooth (they are working on it!).


GALAGA! That is so cool (and my favourite game also). I might have to do this project now…

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Great project Dale! I recently built a RetroPi retro arcade setup, I was quite happy with the interface and it offers Bluetooth support. Might be worth checking out. How do you like Recalbox? I honestly chose mine based on what came up first in Google search :slight_smile:

Thanks Sneaky.

I like Recalbox as it has a web based interface for uploading ROM’s and other settings.
Plus the power switch was already part of it code. I have since tested an 8Bitdo controller with it and it now works as well.

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