Questions about surface transducers

Hi there - I have some questions about setting up a few things from Core Electronics for a piece of music I am playing. I am not hugely tech savvy - so could use the help with knowing what products to put together.

I need a surface transducer that will connect to a 3.5mm output from a cassette tape recorder. The surface transducers will be placed on the head of a drum, which will be the transduced surface. What products would I need for this? I was thinking ADA 1785 (medium transducer), ADA 1552 (amplifier), what cable should I use to connect to the cassette deck - ADA1700? Will I need a battery unit to power the amplifier?

I also need two 10mm diameter flat button type 3-4.5V mobile phone vibrator connected to a battery holder powered by CR2032 battery. I was thinking POLOLU-1638 and ADA 1871. Would this work?

Finally I need two mechanical switches that have distinctive and audible sound when pressed or engaged. These will not be wired to anything, it is purely for the sound. I’m thinking COM-09276 toggle switch and either a rocker switch (COM-08837) or a push button switch (COM-09339).

Tools wise - I’m guessing I just need a soldering iron and solder. Is there anything else that I might need?

I realise this is a long, and slightly strange list of requests. If you are interested, it is in aid of the performance of a piece called ‘untitled three part construction’ by Michelle Lou. Here is a link to a video if you’re interested.

I know that you are probably very busy, but I would love to be able to order these products as soon as possible. Is there any chance that you could give advice in the next day or two?

Hi Benjamin!

Sorry for the slow response, just catching up after the long weekend! All the parts that you listed are correct and will work nicely together. As far as power goes I would use this:
and this to help wire it in:

You will need a soldering iron, solder, and probably some wire. I would use 22 or 24 AWG solid core wire.

Each of the buttons that you listed will make an audible click, with the rocker switch being the softest sound, and the toggle like a ‘snap’ and the pushbutton similar to a pen ‘click’