Qwiic IR Thermometer - MLX90614 (SPX-17522)

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Living through this pandemic has made contactless temperature sensing a must! The Qwiic IR Thermometer utilizes the MLX90614 temperature sensor you already know…

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Which version of the MLX90614 is this? I am looking for a board with human temperature range (say32-42 deg C) and high resolution


Hi Oliver,

Sparkfun haven’t said explicitly which variant of the MLX90614 but after digging through the datasheet I’m inclined to think they’ve used the MLX90614BAA based on the shape of the packaging and the unit working at 3.3V.
It looks like the standard setup of the chip will have a measurement range of -20 to 120 °C with an output resolution of 0.14 °C which can be varied by rewriting the EEPROM, you’d need to check through the supplied library code to see how Sparkfun has set it up and confirm the measurement range.


Thanks Trent
I am looking for a module for a medical application so we want max resolution and accuracy in the human temperature range

(Oliver) Richard Hosking


Earlier I used sparkfun Infrared Thermometer – MLX90614. Does this one have any added added advantage along with the QWIIC interface?

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Hey Oliver,

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I’m no engineer but am aware that medical devices have to undergo quite a bit of testing and cerifications. Most of the parts in the Core Electronics range are oriented toward hobbyists.

Hey @tepalia02203352 from a quick look the older version uses a microcontroller as a middle-man, I’d imagine the newer Qwiic interface allows for overall more options since you can directly talk to the sensor.