Random Number Generator - used in Hospitality

Hello - I am wondering if anyone has found a really reliable software to use on Raspberry PI 4 as a dedicated Random Number Generator? The type you see used in Pubs/Clubs. Remote access to draw the numbers via a Tablet. Displays last couple of draws on the TVs & you can create a name for it…Lucky Badge Draw. When Raspberry is turned on it goes straight to the RNG. To give an idea - the attached is what would be displaying on the TVs attached to the Raspberry HDMI video out. Of course doesn’t have to be exact. If you can think of anything please let me know. Thanks so much


Hi again @Wendy115847.

Please repost as your image hasn’t been uploaded properly.

In the meantime, yes most modern computers have the ability to generate random numbers, and the APIs are in most programming languages to get random numbers.

Generating a random number is just a minor part of your application, and you need to do some analysis to properly define what you application needs to do.

For example, how many members are there? If you generate a number from between 0 and 32657, but you only have 200 members, most of the time you don’t hit a valid number, and are the member numbers consecutive?

Hello Wendy,

Interesting application. Which programming language will you be using in order to design your system. I’ve linked some tutorials for applications of the random functions (I’d recommend seeding based on a function of time (with your own function to adjust the time so that the seed can’t be predicted)) and then you should be good to go using the parameters that Robin has stated for you.


Have a great day!

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Can you see the picture sent in post befoer this one?

Sorry - don’t know why it didn’t work before! Like I said, not exact but just to give an idea of what it could look like. You would be able to control it via a tablet & choose number between for eg: 1 - 200 (don’t worry about that “excluded box”