Rasberry Pi 4 cpu ID

Hi, I recently bought a Rasberry Pi 4 from Core to replace one in my Sensecap miner that had a bad network module. I’ve installed it with the radio module and the miner is working fine. However to access its dashboard to run diagnostics, reboot, shutdown etc i need the Rasberry’s cpu ID and serial #. I’ve tried to SSH into it without success, so wondering if anyone knows of a way to get those IDs another way? Thanks in advance for any help.

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See if this helps, John.

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Than for the forum welcome. They’re all great solutions, the problem with them is that they all require you to get to the command line which I can’t seem to. If I plug a monitor via hdmi onto the Pi, all I get is a splash screen, no command line. So I used PuTTY key gen to generate public and private keys then posted the public key into the SSH key section of config.json, then tried to use PuTTY to open a session. I used the static ip address issued by my router to get access to a cmd screen and got a login prompt asking for password but I don’t have one for the Pi. I tried using “root” but that doesn’t work. Do Pis normally require a login with either/and uname and/or pword because I haven’t had to use either of them before?


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Hi John,

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Which OS was your Pi running?

The default login details for Pi OS are as follows:
Username: pi
Password: raspberry

You also should be able to flash a new card with the GUI version and run the commands.

Let us know how you go!

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Hi Liam,

I’m not sure which OS, I’m not home until tomorrow arvo so I’ll try the login then. Thanks for your help.

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